This year's AGM took place on Saturday 10th December 2022 at 9am on Zoom.

This event was accredited by FSEM for 2 internal CPD credits.

The FSEM Annual General Meeting (AGM) takes place every year in December, and all FSEM Fellows, Members and Associate Members in good standing are eligible to attend the AGM.

The Faculty Officers give an overview of Faculty business for the previous 12 months, and amendments to standing orders are also decided at the AGM.

Most recently, the Faculty decided to alternate the "Anti-Doping up-date" lecture between the Annual Scientific Conference in September  and the AGM in November/December. The Faculty may also, from time to time, schedule guest lectures as part of the AGM, and Fellows and Members are notified well in advance of any additional lectures at the AGM.

This event is accredited by FSEM for internal CPD points for PCS.