IMPORTANT NOTICE - Board Appointments - 23/10/2023

Following the call for nominations this summer, the Faculty received 3 nominations for the 3 board vacancies that were advertised.

The following FSEM Fellows were appointed by the Board in September 2023, and will join the Board in December 2023 for a 5-year term of office:

- Dr Anthony Hoban

- Dr Colm McCarthy

- and Mr Ronan Dardis

IMPORTANT NOTICE - Call for Board Nominations - 09/08/2023

There are three vacancies on the board this year, and nomination forms were sent out to all Fellows and Members on 9th August 2023 by e-mail.

The deadline for receipt of nomination forms is Wednesday 30th August 2023, 5pm. Nomination forms need to be duly completed and returned to the FSEM office by post or e-mail before the deadline.

Please note that only Fellows in Good Standing are eligible to nominate themselves for board vacancies, and that they require the support of 2 Fellows or Members in good standing.

For enquiries, please contact Stephanie at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

FSEM Board elections generally take place every year; the number of board vacancies is approved at board level in the spring each year, based on the number of board members finishing their term of office later that same year.

The Honorary Secretary writes to FSEM Fellows and Members in July/August, and eligible Fellows who are in good standing with the Faculty at that time may put themselves forward for a place on the board.  If we receive more nominations than there are of board vacancies, then voting papers are sent to all Fellows and Members in good standing after the summer, and elections take place end of November. If we receive less nominations than there are of board vacancies, then the nominees are appointed to the board following the AGM at the end of the year.

Following the AGM, the new board members are officially appointed for a term of office of 5 years, and they attend their first board meeting the following February.

Additional information about this process is available in our standing orders; if you have any specific queries in relation to board vacancies, and the election process, please contact Stephanie in the FSEM office in the first instance.