The Medical Council of Ireland is responsible for the provision of a framework for Professional Competence Schemes (PCS). The framework for these schemes consists initially of two elements:

  • CPD - Continuing Professional Development
  • Audit

The Faculty of Sports and Exercise Medicine has been accredited by the Medical Council of Ireland as the body to administer the Professional Competence Scheme to doctors on the Specialist Division of the Register in Sports and Exercise Medicine (SEM) AND doctors on the General Division of the Register whose practice is more than 50% Sports and Exercise Medicine or Musculoskeletal Medicine, and who hold a post-graduate diploma or higher in Sports and Exercise Medicine.

Doctors are required to register with a Professional Competence Scheme (PCS). The advice is to register with the PCS that most appropriately reflects your daily / weekly medical practice. All doctors are required to participate in a Continuing Professional Development in line with their daily / weekly practice.

If you are on the General Division of the Register, you should contact your Postgraduate Training Body to begin the process of enrolling in a PCS. If you are not aligned with a Postgraduate Training Body (PGTB), please contact directly the PGTB which you feel is most appropriate to your area of practice to begin the process of enrolling in a PCS.

We wish to remind you that you need to pay your PCS annual fee every year in order to be able to upload new records (PCS year runs from 1st May until 30th April). The PCS portal is updated first week of May every year, and everyone should be able to re-enrol on the scheme around that time.

IMPORTANT: While the Faculty and RCSI are committed to doing everything possible to facilitate this process, it is ultimately the registered medical practitioner's responsibility to both enrol under the scheme and maintain his/her CPD & audit record therein, as of May 2011.

If you require further information about enrolling on the Sports and Exercise Medicine Professional Competence Scheme, please contact the FSEM office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.